Arrival of Mare - On Site

Please provide us with any pertinent health or reproductive information concerning your mare.  This information can be vital to your mare's conception success.  Your mare will be examined by our veterinarian prior to breeding even if she has been examined by your personal veterinarian before arriving at SSS.

VACINATION REQUIREMENTS (Please provide last dates given.)


  • FLU (Influenza)




  • ROTAVIRUS (Race Mares)

  • EVA (Equine Viral Arteritis)

If your vaccination information is not available when mare arrives, we will administer these vaccinations.

EVA: All broodmares arriving at Southwest Stallion Station are required to have original documentation of the following signed by a licensed veterinarian:
-Vaccination with Fort Dodge ARVAC (Equine Viral Arteritis Vaccine)-not less than 30 days prior to arrival - OR - Negative Equine Viral Arteritis (serum neutralization) test- within 30 days prior to arrival.

NOTE: All non-vaccinated, test negative, non-lactating, non-pregnant mares will be vaccinated upon arrival with Fort Dodge ARVAC.
  -We do not recommend mares with nursing foals be vaccinated, but testing is REQUIRED.

REQUIRED: NEGATIVE COGGINS within 6 months must accompany your mare.  If the mare arrives without negative coggins, we will perform one upon her arrival.  

DEWORMING: Mares must have been dewormed on a regular basis.  If due to evidence of worms upon palpation or poor condition of the mare, we will deworm your mare at our discretion.  Please provide documentation of her last deworming upon arrival.  

WET MARES: The foaling date and sire of foal are necessary for mares arriving with a current-year foal at side.  A foal heat mare will not be bred until the foal is at least 8 days old.  The mare will be examined by our farm veterinarian prior to breeding even if your personal veterinarian has palpated your mare prior to arrival.  

FOALOUT MARES:  The last breeding date and sire information is necessary for any mare arriving to be foaled at Southwest Stallion Station.


  • Dry        $16 per day

  • Wet       $18 per day

  • Private  $20 per day


ULTRASOUND FEE: A one-time fee of $80 will be charged for pregnancy confirmation.

PALPATION FEE: $15 for onsite mares and $20 for outside mares

FARRIER: A farrier makes routine visits to our farm for foot care.  If your mare needs foot care she will be cared for and appropriately charged.  

To order semen you must get your mare on the list the day before collection and confirm BEFORE 9am CST. COLLECTION DAYS are M-W-F.  (For Monday collection, you MUST call or text on SUNDAY)

   For semen on nights and weekends,

please call 512-699-5943

Shipped Semen

Please call our office to inquire as to which days of the week we are collecting the stallions.  We collect stallions every other day.  You must order semen the day before and confirm by 9:00am the day of collection.  On-site mares take preference over shipped semen mares.  A #350 shipped semen fee for Fed-Ex delivery is charged for each shipment.  There is an additional $100 charge for sale day delivery.  All stallion and shipped semen fees must be paid prior to shipment.  We do accept VISA and MASTERCARD.

We will order semen from other stallion farms and inseminate your mare with standard boarding charges, mare care and cost of returning the shipping container.  All fees due and payable to the outside stallion farm are the responsibility of the mare owner.

Embryo Transfers

We provide on-site and cooled transported embryo transfer services

$3,750 A $1,000 deposit is due when mare is received for embryo transfer work.  Balance of $2750 is due when pregnancy is confirmed.  This is for one flush only.  Any additional flush is $450 each.  Recipient mare board begins at start of transfer if confirmed pregnant.  Your $1,000 deposit is credited toward an embryo transfer mare the following year or $500 cash for a healthy recipient mare

$450 each.  Plus routine mare care, board charges and $350 shipping fee for embryo.

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